Homeowner Resources May 4, 2018

5 Smart Home Gadgets for Your Pets

If you have a smart home gadget, why can’t your fur baby have the same?

We all know that the items we purchase, even the homes we purchase are with the needs of our pets in mind. We can get gadgets that play music with just a simple voice command or watch our house temperature to save us energy. If we have access to all these high tech luxurious items, why can’t our pets?

These are just a few of the smart home gadgets you could have for your fur babies:

Do you ever feel guilty when you are working all day and can’t be home to play with your pet? The GoBone will keep your fur baby preoccupied for you with easy use of your smartphone! At the touch of your fingers, the toy will automatically move around, learn your pet’s play habits and adjust the patterns to ensure your pet on their toes!

If you have a feline friend, this device is the perfect companion to keep them preoccupied! The SHRU resembles a real animal with appealing sound effects and several modes of play to keep them active.

Petrics Smart Pet Bed
This smart pet bed will monitor your pet’s level of comfort and their weight. If your pet gets too hot, then you can adjust the temperature to ensure a luxurious night of slumber.

Smart Pet Feeder
Let’s say you get stuck at work late and you will not be home for your pet’s usual dinner time, The Smart Pet Feeder can fix that! You can schedule the dinner times by using use your phone or computer to manage the schedule. This incredible device can even check in on your fur baby with the built-in camera.

Smart Home for Dogs
Go big or go home! Samsung has come out with an actual smart home for dogs that includes a hydrotherapy pool, smart feeder, built in tablet televisions, a treadmill for exercise and more!

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