Homeowner Resources May 20, 2020

5 Upgrades to Make Any Home a Luxury Home

Relax in Your Luxury Home with a Few Updates

What makes a home a luxury home? If you ask those of us in the Real Estate industry, we can give you price ranges, size requirements, upgrades, ages, locations, and the many other characteristics that make up a luxury home. The catch? Just don’t expect us to agree on any of it.

Like beauty, luxury seems to be in the eye of the beholder. In fact, when defining luxury, most of us just seem to know it when we see it. Or do we?

The luxury home is transforming. No longer ostentatious or opulent, the new luxury home focuses on a level of livability and an improved quality of life. Rather than focusing on the volume of space a home has, home owners are able to find luxury living in using a space effectively.

This year, transform your home into one of luxury by making upgrades to bring comfort and ease to your family. 


Smart Home Technology

Perhaps the easiest and most cost efficient way to bring luxury to your home, smart home technology brings ease and comfort to our lives. Whether it is safety, heating and cooling, or entertainment, there are a number of devices designed to make our homes a little less chaotic. To learn more about smart home technology, check out our smart home gift guide here


Niche Appliances

Completely customize your kitchen with appliances that fit your family’s needs. Niche appliances are the latest trend in kitchen upgrades. Steam ovens, cooling and warming drawers, wine refrigerators, and many others are making average kitchens everywhere look boring and dated. 


Low Maintenance Materials

2016 has seen a huge surge in popularity of low maintenance materials for homes. Countertops made of quartz or concrete are not only beautiful, but easy to maintain. Hard wood, tile and stone floors have replaced hard-to-clean carpet and brick and stone touches bring elegance to any home. 


Upgraded Bathrooms

Of course when looking to upgrade any home, the bathrooms are a great place to start. But while you’re giving the bathroom a makeover, consider adding a luxury touch. It could be heated floors, or upgrading your walk-in shower to steam shower. Or even installing a television screen in the mirror. With bathrooms so amazing, you’ll actually want to jump out of bed to get ready each morning.

Written by Erin Wood, Marketing Specialist, Coldwell Banker Heritage