Homeowner Resources May 21, 2024

Backyard Updates Perfect For Grill Masters and Outdoor Cooks

Summer is just around the corner! Do you know what that means?

It means that it is time for you to dust the cobwebs off of your grill and get your backyard ready for summer cookouts! What better way to spend your summer than to be surrounded by family and friends as you showcase your grilling skills. However, is your outdoor space in need of some updates this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these ideas to take your outdoor space to the next level.



Prep Zone

Nothing is worse than trying to grill but having to constantly walk back and forth between your kitchen and outdoor area because you don’t have the space to bring everything out at once. Having an outdoor prep area would not only provide you with a convenient space to prepare your meal, but will also save you some time. Be sure to use a surface that is easy to clean and something that offers storage to keep your grilling equipment protected.

It might also be a nice investment to add a small fridge to your outdoor cooking area, especially if you grill often. Not only would this help with making trips back and forth between the kitchen, but it would be perfect for keeping meat cool and out of the sun as well as for storing beverages for the cook and any guests.



Keep Cool

The hot summer sun can definitely become unbearable, especially if you are out by the hot grill. One way to help keep yourself cool while working the grill is to have a free-standing umbrella to protect and keep you out of the sun. You can use it to provide shade to your prep area, keeping food out of the sun, and then you can easily move it to the seating area when it is time to dig in. Or, if you have a covered deck or patio, consider adding an outdoor fan to help circulate air and to keep you cool.

Add Shelter

As we all know, the weather can certainly be unpredictable. If your grill is out in the open, consider adding some sort of covering to protect you and your grill from rain. This is also a great way to keep you out of the sun during those hot months! Remember to keep your shelter or structure at a safe distance from the grill to avoid any risk of fires.



Grab A Seat

One of the best parts of summer is having your family and friends over for a cookout. When the cook is outside manning the grill, guests tend to migrate outside to watch the chef work. Be sure you have plenty of seating available for you and your guests. A nice table and chair set works perfectly, but if you want a luxurious feel to your outdoor cook space, consider a built-in area with a bar where spectators can pull up a stool near the grill. Or, set up a bar-height table and chair set. Limited on space? A thin table with bench seats often fits most guests when space is not available.

Plan on hanging around outside after cooking? If so, a fire pit would be a wonderful investment. Not only can you use the fire to keep you warm when the sun goes down, but you can also kick it old-school and use grill grates to cook over the open flame. Pull up some chairs, grab a blanket, and sit back and relax!


Whether you are outside grilling solo or if you have people over, an outdoor television is the ultimate addition to your space. You can stream your favorite shows and won’t miss out on the big game while keeping an eye on the grill. Do your research before making that purchase to ensure your investment will hold up to the weather and heat.

No space for a TV? Invest in a good-quality outdoor speaker in its place! Or, if you are planning to host cookouts often, now would be a great time to invest in some fun yard games, such as Cornhole, Giant Jenga, and Yard Checkers, to keep guests entertained while you run the grill.