Homeowner Resources October 31, 2022

Can Your Home Insurance Protect You from Halloween Tricks and Treats?

When Halloween Turns into Your Very Own Horror Movie

Spooky season is upon us! Soon the streets will be littered with goblins, ghosts, and Superman(s). As they say, it’s all fun and games…until Aladdin knocks over your jack-o-lantern and sets your front porch on fire.

So, what happens if this Halloween brings you and your home more tricks than treats? Luckily some homeowners insurance policies will cover several of the most common Halloween horrors!

Check out 5 Halloween nightmares that could be covered by your home insurance policy below. But while you’re reading, remember not all policies are created equally! Always be sure to check yours before filing a claim.

Candles or Holiday Lights Catch Fire

When the string lights and candles you used to create a spooky ambiance accidentally set the place on fire, you may be covered, unless of course, the fire was a result of negligence. Lighting your jack-o-lantern with a candle? Be sure that it is being displayed in a safe space away from foot traffic or leaves and grass.

A Trick-or-Treater Gets Hurt on Your Property

Did the Little Mermaid take a tumble in your driveway? Most likely you’re covered. However, it is important to make sure that walkways are paths are clear of hazards on Beggar’s night. Remember that most policies will only cover accidental injury. If your little princess eats too much candy and kicks the astronaut next door, you may still be held liable.

Your Pup Bites a Neighbor or Trick-Or-Treater

Even the best-behaved dogs can get over-excited or frightened on Halloween. All these guests showing up at your door, often dressed in flashy costumes? Your dog’s first instinct may be to protect or to play. Luckily dog bites are often covered by your policy, but there may be restrictions based on your insurer or location.

Pranksters Vandalize Your Home

Most policies will cover vandalism in the form of Halloween mischief, when the cost of the repair exceeds a certain amount, given the home is currently being resided in.

Halloween Vandals Damage a Loved One’s Resting Place

Even though graves are (most likely) not located on your property, many homeowner policies will cover the damage or theft of a gravestone. Should a Halloween miscreant disturb the peace of your loved one, you may be covered.

We hope this Halloween brings you and your family nothing but festive fun, but should you find yourself in need of some insurance expertise, we can help! Consult carefully with your policy or check out our partnered insurance company, HHS Insurance Company for more information: https://hhs-insurance.com/about