Market Updates April 30, 2024



As April showers pave the way for May flowers, the real estate landscape is also experiencing its own form of renewal and growth. This month marks an exciting phase in the industry as we witness the blossoming of new trends and opportunities within the 2024 real estate market. After the unpredictability of recent years, a return to more traditional market dynamics, which began to emerge in December 2023, is now in full bloom. This shift heralds a return to familiarity and stability, offering a promising outlook for both property and investment prospects.



Sales of single-family and condominium units in Dayton for April saw a decrease in prices and increase in average sales. April sales reported 1,349 sales, a 11% increase over the 1,219 sales reported last month. April’s average sales price totaled $267,284 ,falling short of last months figure of $276,255, a decrease of -3%. The average days on market for properties in Dayton during April were 65 days, which represents a -6 day decrease compared to 71 days in the last month.


Your concerns, whether they be about the ebb and flow of interest rates or the current value of your home, are at the forefront of our endeavors! Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing you with the expert guidance and insights necessary to flourish in this evolving market. Let’s embrace this season of renewal, armed with the knowledge and strategies to achieve success and prosperity in all your real estate ventures.