CB CaresHomeowner Resources May 20, 2017

Everyone Deserves a Loving Home

Coldwell Banker has been in partnership with Adopt-A-Pet foundation for the past two years, finding over 20,000 homes for our cute little furry friends. This year is no different, they both renew their partnership in hopes to unite more dogs because everyone deserves a loving home.

They released their new commercial for 2017; The highest ranked real estate commercial EVER according to AceMetrics. And did we mention it outperforms EVERY 2017 Superbowl commercial in likeability?!

Watch it for yourselves and see what the hype is all about ?

2017 Coldwell Banker Commercial

When we think about the last couple of years, we’re struck by the outpouring of love we have seen through the Homes for Dogs Project. Hundreds of Coldwell Banker agents and offices held adoption events in their own communities. This spot kicks off year three of our campaign in a singular story, capturing the magical feeling and joy pets bring to our home.

We at Coldwell Banker Heritage have taken the phrase by Ralph Waldo Emerson “A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams”, to our heart for our pets and families.

Here is a peek back at our successful 2016 in finding pets and their new families a loving home here in Dayton, Ohio.