Homeowner Resources June 21, 2023

How to Build an Outdoor Theater at Home

Looking for some fun without a crowd? Bring the experience of being a the movies home with you with an outdoor movie theatre! Skip the lines, get the best seats, and best of all – have your favorite snacks! Here are our tips for helping you make this dream a reality.

The Scene, Screen & Projector

To set the scene, you need to determine which screen and projector will work best for your particular situation. One thing to consider is the location of electrical outlets and the space you will have. Depending on how far your screen will be from the projector, you will want to keep this space in mind when choosing an appropriate screen size and a projector that will project the adequate distance

To find the optimum distance for your space, you will need to measure the size of your screen diagonally and divide that size by .84. For example, a 100-inch projector screen requires an optimal viewing distance of 119 inches or 3m from the screen (Projector Screen 2021). Additionally, the size of the space will determine the appropriate throw distance. Common throw distances are Long Throw, Short Throw, and Ultra-Short throw. Larger spaces will allow for a greater throw distance.

When choosing a projector, you will also want to consider the types of content you may be projecting. For instance, if you plan to stream content, you will want to choose a projector with smart features or that allows you to connect a smart tv device like Chromecast, or in the case of sports, you may want to ensure they have the ability to add the ESPN streaming app. If you plan to use for gaming, you may also want to consider the potential for input lag. Lastly, you want to consider whether standard or high-definition is more your style.

Don’t forget the snacks!

As we hinted above, one of the reasons we love being able to have the movies at home is the freedom and affordable price tag of our own snacks. While you can obviously pick any snack to your hearts desire, some snacks are better movie snacks than others. Our suggestion for the ideal snacks for your movie night? Choose something that doesn’t get your hands too messy, can snack on throughout the entire movie, and doesn’t have loud packaging. Since you can, it wouldn’t hurt to add a nutritious option also!