Home Buyer Resources August 23, 2018

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a House

Are you considering the often over looked details?

Buying a house is a very important purchase and there are a lot of things to consider when looking for the right one.  While browsing for houses, keep on the lookout for things that could affect you in the long run or end up costing you more.  Here are a few questions that anyone buying a house should ask themselves to make sure they are considering some common concerns homeowners run into.

  1. Will the Windows Need Replaced?– New windows can be pretty pricey costing upwards of $10,000-$15,000.  Do the windows close properly? Are they properly insulated or is there a draft?  Do they have lead-based paint or are they chipped?
  2. Are There Any Signs of Pests?– Do you see any signs of ants, roaches, termites, mice, or other insects and pests?  Make sure to look behind cabinets and under places like the fridge for hiding places.  Will you need to do pest control?
  3. Does the Ground Slop Away from the House?– Does the house sit on the top or bottom of a hill?  Where does the water flow?  Pay attention to the ground around the house.  What is the condition of the grading of the house because poor grading can flood with heavy rainfall.
  4. Where are the Trees?–  Are there trees close to the house?  Will the roots be a problem with the foundation?  Is the tree close enough to fall on the house or cars?  What condition are the trees in?  A fallen tree can be expensive if it lands in the wrong place or pulls up land where it is.  With trees also comes leaves so keep in mind the upkeep trees can call for.
  5. Are There Sidewalks?–  Sidewalks can be an important safety feature.  Sidewalks can provide kids with a safe place to ride their bike or play. They can also be a nice place to safely jog or walk around.
  6. Is the House TooOutdated? – How much work is the house going to need?  Are you going to be doing the work yourself?  Do you have the time to do the work?  Do you have the money to pay someone to do some/all of it for you?
  7. Does the House Smell Weird?– Funky smells can mean all sorts of things from pet odors to mold.  Consider the problems a smell can lead to, such as: not being able to rid the home of the smell, needing to pay to rid the home of the smell, or finding the smell signifies bigger issues.
  8. What Are the Neighbors Like? – Have you met the neighbors? Are these people you would be happy living next too?  Have they ever had any problems with the neighborhood?
  9. How Much Are Utilities? – Consider the type of house and what the utilities will cost every month.  This cost will add up and affect your overall bottom line.
  10. How is the Location?-Is the location of the house going to be close to the places you frequent most?  Will you be close to work, school, or places of interest?  Have you considered the cost of travel over time? Gas and time wasted driving can add up with a long commute and it should be taken into consideration when finding the best place for you.

Buying a house is a big financial step so it is always good to step cautiously.  That is why we want to help you prepare for anything that could pop up after buying a house that many people don’t consider until it’s time to fix.  Get ahead of surprises and think about how the house and property will hold up over time.  As with any investment, it is always best to make the decision with as much information as possible.  Use these 10 questions to help assess a houses current and future conditions so that you can make the most informed and ultimately the best decision.