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6 Not So Obvious Tasks to Do Before Putting Your Home on the Market

A Survival Guide from the Experts

Putting your home on the market is a big deal, right? Here are a few not so obvious tasks to check off your list as you make plans to sell your home.

1. De-Clutter. Ok. This may be obvious to a lot of people, but taking the time to go into each room and remove non-essential items takes time and thought. What’s non-essential? Family photos, bulletin boards, trophies, awards, etc. Anything personally decorative needs to be put in storage. Don’t forget to de-clutter your yard, too. Garden gnomes, toys and wind catchers need to be stored.

2. Buy Light Bulbs. When showing your home, light and airy goes a long way in showcasing the best of your home. Make sure all lights work and are turned on for showings.

3. Fresh Paint. Often called the $35 makeover, a fresh coat of paint can have the greatest ROI of any updates you make in your house. Think neutral, light colors giving home shoppers room to imagine themselves living in your home. We love Benjamin Moore’s Alaskan Husky shade of gray. 😉

4. Rent a Storage Unit. In the interest of de-cluttering as much as possible, you’ll need a place to store your goods while your house is on the market. A storage unit is typically very affordable and can pay off big in helping your home appeal to buyers and to just keep your sanity as you live in a home on the market.

5. Have a Plan for Kids and Pets. You could be asked to show your home at a moments notice – and it’s so much easier to say “yes” when you have a plan for your children and furry friends. The house should be completely empty for showings, so ask a trusted friend, neighbor or family member to help if you find yourself in a bind.

6. Have a Safe Place for Valuables. Of course, you’d like to be able to trust everyone who goes through your home for a showing — but be smart. Lock up or remove anything of significant value while your home is on the market. It’s an easy way to have peace of mind and ensure nothing goes missing.

Hope these tips help you plan for your next adventure!