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Home Trend Predictions for 2021

If the past year taught us anything it was the importance of home. After so much time spent indoors it’s understandable that everyone is taking a long look around their space and are ready for a change, and they’re not alone. As we settle further into 2021, we take our new perspective and appreciation for home in some new directions. According to professional designers, below are some of the house trends we expect to see more of this year.


Embrace Texture

Rustic textures could edge out smooth elements

Kitchen designs of the past few years have heavily favored a clean polished smooth look but its predicted that this style may be swapped out with colorful ceramic tiling. This tiling could be used to create backsplashes in key areas or cover the entire room. However, these handmade tiles are often more expensive than their manufactured counterparts. To cut costs, consider putting individual pieces of ceramic hand painted tile among other more neutral sections.

Plaster over drywall

Before drywall came along, interior walls were often created by layering plaster over wooden strips. Drywall is quicker to install however and subsequently rose to dominance due to its convenience. The depth and texture that plaster provides is set to make a new comeback.

Get Back to Nature

Natural fabrics over synthetic.

Synthetics such as polyester, nylon, and rayon could lose popularity in 2021 in favor of more natural and even recycled textiles. With continued growing awareness of the environment and our impact on the earth, more sustainable materials and natural fabrics, could become on trend for home décor, including organic cotton, recycled polyester, and low impact linens. In addition to natural fabrics expect to see the return of earthy tones such as wine reds, golden yellows, and sagey greens.

Plenty of plants

This year seems to be one where we desire to go back to nature above all. This could prove to be especially true when it comes to indoor plants. By incorporating house plants into your home decor, you can refresh the air in a room and even brighten your mood. This doesn’t necessarily mean to go overboard though as  a few easy to care for indoor plants will do the trick on their own.

Outdoor entertaining spaces

While we’ve spent a lot of time indoors lately, many desire to get out while still respecting the time and situation we’re in. There’s anticipated to be a huge demand in outdoor recreational areas such as firepits, water features, pizza ovens and of course outdoor furniture that is sustainable all year round.


What is Old is New Again

The rise of the grandmillenial style
The “grandmiillenial” trend is described as a revival of homey designs and styles that bring to mind your grandparents homes. This may include floral wallpapers, antique art, crocheted throws. What may seem a surprising trend on the surface actually fits well with our current craving for a cozy and comforting home space.

Wallpaper is back

With so many renting, self-adhesive removable wallpaper is gaining  in popularity.

It’s an easy way to provide a dramatic change to a room and if someone gets tired of it, they can simply peel it off. This should be used sparingly and strategically in the home though, such as a dining room, a bathroom, or In closet spaces.

Oddly enough though the big trend of 2021 may be bucking trends! 2020 was a year when we drew close to core comforts and indulged in whatever brought a sense of contentment and peace in troubling times. With this new year, people are less drawn to comfort and more towards a need to thrive and assert individuality. Designs could veer towards layouts that throw out the rule book and reject limits. Instead of one style, maybe combine multiple styles. Anything may go this year. Make it your own.